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If You’re Installing Impact Windows, You Need To Know These Things

01 September

Impact windows have been a real blessing for people in areas that have major windstorms and flying debris. The glass-and-lamination panes stay intact in situations where plain glass might snap in a second. Some of the important differences between plain glass and impact glass can affect how safe your home is. Better (Though Not Infallible) […]

3 Tips For Renovating A Home That Has A Lot Of Junk

15 August

Renovating homes can be a profitable endeavor. Taking the worst home in a neighborhood and rehabbing it can not only bring new life into a neighborhood but also be a great investment. However, when it comes to fixer uppers, they are often purchased as is. Many house flippers purchase homes that were abandoned, severely neglected, […]

Two Reasons Why You Should Put A Fence Around Your Commercial Establishment

28 July

As a business owner, you are likely always looking for ways to make your establishment even better.  While it’s great to focus on improving your products or services, there is another piece that you may not have paid as much attention to:  Fencing.  There are a number of reasons why you should install a fence […]

4 Tips For Making Your Air Conditioning Unit Run More Efficiently

10 July

Energy costs are continually climbing, which makes the cost of running your air conditioner and cooling your home in the summer more expensive year after year. If you want to save money while also reducing wear and tear on your A/C unit, there are several things you can do to make your air conditioner work […]

Going On Long Vacation And Live In A Hot Area? Use Sprinklers Keep Your Flowers Healthy

26 June

If you live in the part of the country that has very high temperatures much of the summer, your flowers can wither away and die if they go too long without water. If you are going on a long vacation, you need to make sure they get the water they need. Fortunately, you can do […]

3 Ways To Install Decking Without Visible Fastener Systems

06 June

Whether you are installing new decking on a porch, dock or other structure, fastening systems are one of the choices you will have to make. Do you want the surface to have a clean look and smooth finish? If so, you may want to have a fastening system that hides the screw, nails and other […]

Tips For A Daycare Or Preschool Playground Fence

18 May

Whether you are putting in a daycare in your home or opening a dedicated preschool, the quality and safety of your play area should be at the forefront of your planning. Use the following tips along with local codes and regulations to create a safe place for little ones to play, imagine, and run off […]

Three Maintenance Tips For Your Home’s Basement Pump

02 May

Many first-time homeowners may not have much experience with a having a sump pump in their basement. As a result, these individuals may not be very informed about these devices, which can cause them to make mistakes when it comes to caring for these pumps. If you have recently purchased your first home that requires […]

3 Ways To Turn Up The Heat On Frozen Propane Tanks

12 April

Propane is an amazing resource that can do everything from heat an outdoor grill to aid in the production of makeup. Many manufacturers and industrial plants make use of propane in all kinds of ways, and it’s important to keep those propane tanks warm so that the vapor or liquid can properly flow. Here are […]

Drilling Metal: 3 Practical Tips

02 March

From time to time certain home improvement projects will require a hole to be drilled through a piece of metal. This is an intimidating prospect for many people. Yet drilling through metal isn’t half as hard as you might think–provided you know a few key things. This article, then, will offer three tips to make […]