Four Benefits Of Adding Artificial Turf Grass To Your Lawn

11 September 2017
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When it comes to your lawn, you want a lush, green space that adds beauty to your home. For some homeowners, the answer is artificial turf grass. If you are wondering whether it's right for you, here are just some of the many benefits to consider: No Watering Or Trimming Required Artificial turf requires no watering and no cutting. That means you never have to worry about getting up early to mow the grass before it gets too hot, and you don't have to worry about summer water bills that come with watering your lawn regularly. Read More 

Tired Of Yard Work? How Gravel Can Help

18 August 2017
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If yard work bogs you down every weekend, maybe it is time to rethink the green lawn and perfect shrubbery situation. There are a couple of different approaches, which include ripping out the shrubs to letting the whole yard run wild. Unfortunately, if you live in town or in the city, letting things go is probably going to get you into some trouble with the city's ideas of beautification. You can always use gravel, too. Read More 

Does Your Home Stand A Chance In A Hurricane?

25 July 2017
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If you're new to dealing with hurricane weather or looking to improve your home for safety and insurance, what kind of protection do you have? Many people bring in last minute preparations, such as boarding up their windows, buying sandbags, or (wrongly) using tape to keep glass secure. Tape is a terrible idea, but there are many ways to make your home safer during hurricanes for both personal protection and insurance purposes. Here are a few improvement points and precautions to mitigate as much hurricane danger as you can for your home. Read More 

7 Reasons To Clean And Maintain Your Gutters

27 June 2017
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Gutters collect water and then divert it via a downspout safely away from the exterior of your home. Downspouts are generally placed on downhill slopes or toward outdoor French drains if the home is situated on totally level ground. Gutter cleaning and maintenance isn't among the favorite household chores of most people, but neglecting these tasks can create a variety of adverse conditions. Following are just seven of the many reasons to have your gutters cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Read More 

Pouring An Asphalt Driveway

16 February 2017
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Updating the look of your home's exterior can add value and aesthetic appeal to your property. If your existing driveway is cracked or crumbling,  it could seriously detract from the beauty of your home's exterior. Pouring a new asphalt driveway can be a simple and effective way to restore your home's curb appeal. Here are three tips to keep in mind to ensure that your new asphalt driveway will be an asset to your property in the future. Read More